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About Us

Supporting the Positive

Promote the Peace Mission

The mission of the Promote the Peace Project (PTPP) is to reduce violence, promote education and raise funds for needed programs and activities for young people in the greater Sacramento Area, and expose youth to a multitude of career choices, mentors and positive role models.

Promote the Peace Objective?

To provide an alternative multimedia platform that will celebrate and reward our young people’s positive talents and ideas.

The Need to Get Involved

Much of the music our youth listens to is violent and derogatory. The violence in our streets directly reflects the messages and stories that are in the music our kids listen to.  The fact that so many young people do not get a diploma and are involved in criminal activities is proof that something needs to change.

What can the Promote the Peace Project do? 

The Promote the Peace Project can provide positive alternatives by helping to positive music and community projects kids can get involved with.


Promote the Peace Platforms 

  • Annual Teen Summits
  • Promote The Peace Online Community
  • Promote The Peace Radio
  • Promote The Peace Stage At Juneteenth
  • Promote The Peace Hour At Mlk365
  • Promote the Peace TV
  • High School Tour



The Promote the Peace Project will…

  • Create a positive and exciting music project for Bay Area students.
  • Develop source of revenue for the area high schools and youth activities.
  • Open students up to a multitude or career choices.
  • Produce a great entertainment event for Bay Area families.
  • Generate visibility for College & High School Outreach Programs.
  • Inspire Young People to pursue higher education.
  • Unify our community by Promoting the Peace.


Professions Interns Can Learn

  • Digital Audio Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing and
  • Computer Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Networking
  • Manufacturing
  • CD/DVD Distribution
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Social Media Expert
  • Product Placement Managers

Our Programs

Radio Station 100%
Online Community 100%
Live Events 100%
Music CD 100%
TV Program 100%

Meet Our Team

In 2008, I founded a program called “The Promote the Peace Project” where we host annual Teen Summits with our partner, the Boys and Girls Club in Downtown Sacramento.