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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Promote the Peace Forums

Promote the Peace Youth Summits will allow participating youth and their parents to attend workshops focused on determining each child’s educational and career goals.  They will then be matched with the best community program(s) to help them to reach their objectives.  The Forums will be ongoing throughout the year and will include speakers from participating […]

Promote the Peace TV

Promote the Peace will produce a teen focused news, talk and entertainment program.  There will be teen hosts that will lead discussions, interview local and national political figures, community, and business leaders, educators, other teens, and entertainment figures.  Sponsors brand will be featured on the program as well as commentary by sponsor representative. PTP TV PROGRAMMING […]

Music CD/DVD

Promote the Peace will develop a series of music CD/DVD projects. Each CD will feature new positive music, poetry, essays, dance videos, and short (YouTube) films. Distribution will be at retail locations, online, and school consignments. A portion of CD/DVD sales will support local youth positive music, arts, training, and activities. Participants that make the […]